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How to keep yourself busy when you’re depressed

When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to find anything to keep you occupied. But there are a few things you can do to help take your mind off of things and make you feel better. In this article, we’ll show you some ways to keep yourself busy when you’re depressed, so you can start to feel better again.


Understand the symptoms of depression


If you’re feeling down, here are some things that might help:


  1. Talk to someone about what’s going on. Talking to someone can help you feel better and get ideas for how to deal with your depression.
  2. Exercise. Exercise has been shown to improve mood and reduce anxiety symptoms.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is important for overall health, but it can also be helpful for dealing with depression.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. Eating a healthy diet can help you maintain your weight and may also improve your moods.
  5. Take some time for yourself every day. During times of depression, it’s easy to let things pile up and become overwhelming. Taking time for yourself every day can help you take care of yourself and stay healthy.


Identify your goals


The first step in combating depression is identifying what you want to achieve. If you’re struggling to find things to do, start by writing out your goals and keeping them in a place where you can see them regularly. This can be on your fridge, on your computer screen, or even tattooed on your arm. Pinning down specific objectives will help give you something to look forward to and keep you motivated.


Talk to someone


If talking to someone is not an option for you, consider reaching out to a mental health professional. Talking with someone who has experience with depression can be very helpful in terms of providing resources and support. There are also many online resources that offer support groups for people who are depressed and want to talk about their problems.


Take medication


If medication is an option for you, speak with your doctor first. different medications may have different effects on different people, so it’s important to discuss any potential side effects before taking them. Some antidepressants may also require weekly follow-ups with a doctor or therapist.


Set realistic goals


If you’re feeling down, one of the best things you can do is set some realistic goals for yourself. Rather than focusing on everything that’s wrong in your life, try to focus on what you can do to make things better.


Talk to someone

One of the best ways to combat depression is to talk about it with someone. This can be a friend, family member, or therapist. It’s important to have someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through.


Get out and do something

One of the best ways to fight depression is by getting out and doing something. This doesn’t have to be anything major – just getting up and moving around can help take your mind off of your troubles.


Take care of yourself

One of the most important things you can do when you’re feeling down is to take care of yourself. Eat a good meal, get enough sleep, and focus on taking care of your physical health. This will help keep your mood stable and prevent depressive episodes from occurring in the future.


Take breaks


When you’re feeling down, it can be tempting to stay in your room all day. But that’s not the best way to cope. You need to take breaks so you don’t get too bogged down by your depression.


One way to take a break is to go for a walk. This can help clear your head and give you some fresh air. Alternatively, try taking a nap or reading a book. These activities can help you relax and relieve stress.


Finally, make sure you talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Talking about your problems can help you feel more comfortable discussing them with others.


Get involved in activities you enjoy


When you’re feeling down, it can be tough to find things to do that make you happy. But it’s important to stay engaged in activities you enjoy, even if they don’t always lead to happiness. Finding things to do that make you feel autonomous and in control is an antidepressant strategy known as “activation.” Here are five ways to activate yourself:


  1. Take on a new project. Whether it’s painting your bathroom a different color, writing a novel, or starting a blog, taking on a new project can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It can also help take your mind off of negative thoughts and feelings.
  2. Connect with friends and family. Socializing with loved ones can be therapeutic, and it can help to distract you from negative thoughts and emotions. Try going for walks, playing games, or watching movies with them.
  3. Do something creative. Drawing, writing, cooking, or sculpting are all forms of creativity that can give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose.
  4. Get active outdoors. Even if just for a short time each day, getting outside and being active can help reduce stress levels and improve mood swings. Exercise has been proven to be an effective way of activating


Connect with people


When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to find things to keep yourself busy. But there are plenty of ways to connect with people and make yourself feel better.


Talk to a friend or family member. Whether it’s just a conversation over the phone or in person, talking to someone can help take your mind off of your troubles and make you feel better.


Get involved in activities you enjoy. Whether it’s going for walks, doing puzzle puzzles, playing video games, or anything else you enjoy, getting involved in something will help take your mind off of depressing thoughts and make you feel more excited about life.


Access mental health resources. If you’re feeling really down, it might be helpful to talk to someone about your mood and what might be causing it. There are mental health resources available everywhere, from hotlines or counseling services to online communities and support groups. Try searching for mental health resources near you or using the filters on our website to find ones that fit your specific needs and interests.


Practice self-care


When you’re depressed, it can be hard to keep yourself busy. Fortunately, there are a few ways to practice self-care that can help you feel productive and happy.


One way to practice self-care is to engage in activities that make you feel contented and fulfilled. For example, take a walk outside, read a good book, visit your favorite museum, or take a cooking class. Doing these things can help you relax and de-stress, which will in turn improve your mood.


Another way to practice self-care is to spend time with people who make you happy. Spending time with loved ones, friends, or family members can help lift your mood and make you feel connected. It’s also important to remember that spending time alone isn’t bad – in fact, it can be beneficial if you want to focus on your own thoughts and feelings.


If you find it difficult to stick to self-care practices on a regular basis, it may be helpful to set smaller goals that are more manageable. For example, try breaking Self Care Week into smaller chunks (e.g., Monday through Friday) or setting a goal of taking 10 minutes for yourself every day. By doing this, you’ll be


Be patient


When you’re feeling down and don’t know how to keep yourself busy when you’re depressed, it can be hard to find things to keep yourself busy. But keeping yourself busy doesn’t have to be an intense activity. In fact, some simple things can help you feel more engaged and content.


One way to keep yourself busy is to focus on your hobbies or interests. When you’re spending time on activities that you enjoy, you’ll find it easier to stay focused and motivated. Take some time for yourself each day and do something that brings you joy.


Additionally, try to make new friends. Meeting people and networking can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It can also be beneficial in terms of self-care because it can provide social support.


Lastly, consider seeking out mental health services. When you reach out for help, you’ll not only feel better but others may also be able to give you tips or resources that can help with your depression.



After reading the above article and practicing these approaches you will be able to come out of depression. Depression among adults is increasing day by day. According to NIMH . The number of adults with a major depressive episode in the United States is estimated to be 21.0 million. As a result, 8.4% of the U.S. population was affected by this problem.


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